The definitive brake upgrade discussion

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Re: The definitive brake upgrade discussion

Post by Gav. » Thu Aug 16, 2012 4:37 pm

lep105 wrote:how much would it cost approx. to convert my 318is E36 to E46 330 brakes?
The cost is impossible to guess really, but expect to spend around £350-400 for just the fronts. If you're buying new discs and pads, they'll set you back about £170 alone from ECP, then it's about another £60-90 for the complete callipers, each. Then brake fluid, new bleed nipples may be needed etc, it all adds up.

Fortunately for me, i managed to pick up two complete hubs with discs, pads, callipers and carriers fitted to them, for £25. Only because the owner didn't know what they had though. I do need to get new discs and pads, but they've lasted me 6 months already, so there's no complaints here. Bargains do come up, but people are getting wise to it now.

Prices vary all over the country though, so you might get it cheaper, but you might get end up paying a lot more.

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Re: The definitive brake upgrade discussion

Post by Toddy1981 » Sun Feb 17, 2013 8:26 am

The title should be changed to specify this thread is for non M3 models as ive just looked through 6 pages hoping to see something for my car but no. Did see 4 pages of a conversation about one master cylinder though!

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