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Post not appearing straight away? Read here.

Post by Gav. » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:26 pm

Sometimes, your posts need to be aproved. There is no reason why it would pick you specifically, it's a random thing for the team to keep an eye that ads are being posted correctly. You might find that one day your post will come up straight away, then next day it won't.

The posts get flagged to moderators and admin, and we will check and either aprove the post so it can be seen in the forum, or dissaprove it in which case you will get a notification, usually with a reason.

Please do not post more than once. If you can't see your post imediately, either PM a moderator and ask them to check it for you, or wait until one of the team comes online and it will be processed.

Please have a read of the rules, so that you can make sure your post is correct. That way, you have more chance of being approved :)



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