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Post by Mints » Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:49 pm

If you have been asked by a seller to pay via PayPal be aware of the following:

- Payment as a 'Gift'

Some people will try to avoid the commision, therefore will ask you to send payment as a 'Gift'. This may be okay if you know the seller or have delt with them before perhaps, however... You will NOT have any buyer protection!

So for example, you pay Mr Smith £50 for a tyre via PayPal Gift which he promises to post out ASAP. No tyre turns up, you contact PayPal.... they will simply say you paid via 'Gift' and there is nothing they can do. Nada. No refund, nothing. You're on your own!

*Paying as a gift on paypal to avoid fee's is a thing of the past. Paypal has cottoned on to it, and you get the choice of who pays the fee instead now. Either you as the person sending money pays the fees, or the recipient pays the fee's from the funds you've sent them.

Essentially, Paypal still get their fee, but you as a buyer are not covered at all when sending as a gift, so you might just as well pay as normal, and let the buyer worry about it!

If you want to, just add a little extra to your payment, to cover the fees for the recipient, and send it as a normal payment. That way, everyone is happy :)*


- Payment via Paypal Mobile

This means making a payment using you're phone by the means of a PayPal App.

It would seem that even if you make a payment using the usual commision route (i.e; not as a 'Gift') you are not eligible for Buyer Protection.


- How can I be 'Buyer Protected'?

Taking into account the above advice, use PayPal via a computer rather than a mobile phone device and only pay via the standard PayPal service (i.e; Not as a 'Gift').

Please be aware that while PayPal is easy to use in it's simplist form, it's rules and regulations are extremely complex. The above notes are just meant as friendly advice and by no means is it exhaustive in anyway.

For full information on PayPal's Security and Protection see the website - HERE
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