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e36 non starter

Post by petertohen » Sat Jan 27, 2018 3:39 am

Hi chaps,
My '99 323 won't start. Have a starter so EWS is good. Will try to hook up INPA later.
Just got out there with a meter, struggling to test for sparks without a trusty assistant, but have metered the following:

TPS - getting 5v
Fuel Pump - the black connector with the bigger cable (green/purple) which is I presume supply is not getting 12v, rather 12v is pulsing every couple of seconds
Coil - getting 12v

The fuel pump relay and the other green relay (DME relay perhaps?) in the back left corner of the fusebox are clicking/pulsing every couple of seconds too. Only metered the one nearest the front (DME relay???) but the pulse appears to be on the control/coil circuit not the output.
Any ideas what's causing this?

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